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  /  Jeremy Sinon

Jeremy Sinon

Jeremy Sinon is the VP of Digital Strategy for Hubbard Radio. His ability to look toward the future and plan for what’s to come has helped Hubbard conquer many modern-day digital challenges. In recent years, Jeremy was the primary charge behind Hubbard designing and building their own proprietary streaming platform and mobile apps. He was also the thought leader behind Hubbard’s listening rewards platform.

Having been with Hubbard since 2006, and in the broadcasting industry since 2003, Jeremy has a strong instinct with how emerging digital technologies can help radio to grow and stay current with modern trends. When he can, Jeremy still tries to find time to lend his design abilities to UI/UX projects, station branding, marketing and more. As he says, he is at his happiest when he can still get his hands dirty.

All Sessions By Jeremy Sinon

Day 1
July 28, 2017 11.30-13.30
Conference Room 1
Day 2
July 28, 2017 15.00-16.30
Conference Room 2
Day 3
July 28, 2017 18.00-19.00
Conference Room 3