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Clay Travis to Speak at the 2023 BNM Summit in Nashville

When we selected Nashville as our host city for our 2023 BNM Summit, we knew there were a few people we had to have speak at the event. It’d be silly to gather broadcasters in Tennessee, and not feature some of the news/talk media industry’s top personalities, decision makers, and brands. We received immediate local support from two difference makers, Jason Whitlock of The Blaze and Tomi Lahren of Outkick, which was awesome. Now, we are excited to add another game changer to our lineup.

It’s our pleasure to welcome Clay Travis to the 2023 BNM Summit.

Clay and I have known each other for years dating back to his days on sports radio. Anyone who has followed his career is well aware that he’s risen up the ranks quickly and established himself as a major national media star. He’s done it in both news and sports talk, and has shown no signs of slowing down.

I started Barrett Media in 2015, and during the length of time that I’ve run my company, I’ve followed closely as Clay built a brand, show, social presence, OTT network, and national empire. He elevated mornings for FOX Sports Radio, and took the baton after Rush Limbaugh died and alongside Buck Sexton has helped Premiere Radio Networks enjoy a daily presence on more than 470 affiliated stations. He has also created massive attention in the podcasting and social media space, established Outkick as a major force (over 10 million unique visitors per month), which led to the FOX Corporation purchasing the company, has been a familiar face on FOX News, was at the forefront of the sports gambling rush, and is an accomplished author with a new book coming out this fall, “American Playbook: A Guide to Winning Back The Country From The Democrats.

Each of those experiences alone are worthy of deeper inspection, and knowing how passionate and well-versed Clay is on the media business, I expect we’ll cover a lot of ground during our chat on Wednesday, September 13th at Vanderbilt University. Few have had the collective impact on radio, digital, podcasting, and video that Clay has during the past decade, and I’m sure our attendees will enjoy hearing his views on a variety of business matters.

This may be our first news media conference, but we have run five sports versions of this event before, and each has been well received. If you’ve not yet had the chance to attend, let me remind you that this event is built for the news/talk media professional. Whether you run a company or serve as an executive, market manager, program director, local or national talent, producer, salesperson, podcaster, researcher, media buyer, affiliate rep or in social media, we offer a wide range of sessions at our shows.

The goal of each Summit is to help brands and individuals get better. We do that by arming attendees with a ton of actionable ideas and tips, and valuable information thanks to a strong group of successful speakers. I want people on stage who are comfortable offering their insights and opinions, and attendees who are interested in learning ways to grow their brands, help their people, and take future steps to improving the overall health of the industry. If we can celebrate and increase business relationships in the process, even better.

As of now, we are 77 days away from kicking off day 1 of the 2023 BNM Summit. Tickets are on-sale! Be sure to reserve your seat by logging on to We deliver two days of in-depth content and information, a great venue to meet others and network, an affordable ticket price, and access to a world class city with great restaurants and entertainment options.

I’ll be taking a mini-vacation the next few days to head north to Toronto, but expect another big announcement on July 5th. Thanks for the continued support of BNM, and I hope we have an opportunity to cross paths in September in Nashville.