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Who We Are?

Barrett Media is a media consulting and publishing company, managed by founder and president Jason Barrett. Started in 2015 and expanded in 2020, Barrett has become a go-to source for media industry professionals. Prior to launching the company, Jason spent twenty years in the radio industry, producing top national programs, and building and programming sports stations in multiple cities.


What We Do?

BSM and BNM delivers daily original content on the news and sports media industry thanks to contributions from more than twenty industry professionals. The company also provides professional guidance and strategic support to media groups across the country, and hosts annual industry conferences for sports media and news media members. To learn more, visit and


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Be in the room for the inaugural BNM Summit, September 13-14, 2023 at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Tickets are on sale through September 12, 2023. They will not be available on the day of the conference. Attendees must work in the media business in order to attend.

BNM Summit .

Where the news media industry gathers to celebrate, educate, and explore ways to move the broadcasting business forward. Join us September 13-14, 2023 in Nashville, TN at Vanderbilt University. Tickets are on-sale now.


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