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Ramsey Solutions Founder and CEO, Dave Ramsey Joins The 2023 BNM Summit Lineup

If you’ve ever watched the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ then you’re likely familiar with the famous James Earl Jones quote ‘if you build it, they will come‘. That’s the approach I take each year when putting together one of our Summit’s. Book a nice venue in a great city, add the right people for the right sessions, attract the right group of industry professionals, and more often than not, people will want to be part of it.

That may not be the exact strategy followed at Ramsey Solutions, but if you look at the company’s track record, it’s all about quality and consistency. From publishing books to hosting radio shows, creating digital content, putting on public events, delivering helpful financial guidance, and more, when the Ramsey name is attached to something, it tends to be a hit. After all, you don’t build the equivalent of a University in Franklin, TN if you’re not on the right side of things most times.

I’ve had the pleasure of being in the building where Dave Ramsey operates. It’s an impressive location. One of my favorite parts of the experience was seeing how many people stopped by to watch the radio show, earning an opportunity to say hello and grab photos with Dave during breaks. It showed that when the cameras and mics aren’t on, regardless of his success, Dave Ramsey makes time to connect with his audience.

So when we began exploring the possibility of bringing a conference to Nashville, I knew I really wanted to sit down and talk about the business with Dave Ramsey. I’m happy to share that on Wednesday September 13th that will happen at the 2023 BNM Summit as part of our Day 1 Keynote Conversation.

Dave is the founder and CEO of Ramsey Solutions. He’s been helping people take control of their lives and finances since 1992. He’s an eight-time national bestselling author, personal finance expert and host of The Ramsey Show, which is the 2nd largest nationally syndicated radio program reaching 20 million listeners per week. The show also boasts a large YouTube following, and is consistently atop the iTunes podcasting charts in the investing category.

We’ll cram as much as we can into our 35-minutes together on stage, and I’m sure a few in attendance will want to say hello to him afterwards. From the growth and success of financial talk, the rise of podcasting and video, the advertising climate in 2023/2024, the importance of having multiple revenue streams to grow a brand, the future of talk radio on the AM dial, and the complexity of having to install a vision that produces current results while simultaneously developing a Succession plan, we’ll have plenty to talk about.

For planning purposes, the conversation with Dave Ramsey will take place Monday September 13th from 11:05-11:40 CT. I’ll have a few more additions to announce for the Summit later this week. We’ll then reveal the full schedule of sessions and speakers on Monday August 21st.

If you are planning to come but haven’t bought your ticket yet please do so before it’s too late. I’ve had a number of people email, text, DM, and tell me in person that they’d be with us in Nashville. Some have even booked hotel rooms. I appreciate that. But to be inside the room you must have a ticket or be involved in the event as a speaker. Doublecheck that you’ve taken care of it because once it’s showtime, I won’t be able to help as I’ll be hosting on stage.

This lineup is action packed, and I couldn’t be more excited about the way it has come together. I’m grateful to all of the programmers, executives, and decision makers who have made time to fly to Nashville to be with us. I am equally appreciative to have great support from top personalities and major Nashville entities such as Outkick, Ramsey Solutions, and Blaze Media (would’ve loved to include Daily Wire too but it wasn’t in the cards).

Just as important, I want to extend a big thank you to all of our partners: Steve Stone Voicers, Collette, Core Image Studio, JJ Surna Voiceovers, Radio America, Bonneville International, Good Karma Brands, and Audacy. We do have a few more opportunities still available so if your company would like to be included, email Stephanie at [email protected]. We will be finalizing all sponsorship opportunities by Monday August 28th.