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  /  John Sylvester

John Sylvester

John Sylvester has spent nearly two decades with Fox News, ascending to his current role of  Senior Vice President of Fox News Audio. Sylvester has risen up the ranks from Supervisor of Technical Operations to Manager of Technical Operations and Production, Director of Production and Operations, and Senior Director of Production, Programming, and Operations before settling into his current role.

He is currently responsible for overseeing all Fox News audio programs, assisting with interviewing, hiring, training, mentoring, developing and evaluating team members, and developing and implementing innovative media strategies to improve reach and effectiveness of audio platforms across multiple verticals. He also leads teams in social, audio, and digital’s role within the media mix and helps his staff define tactical game plans to set strategies and develop media plans for audio platforms for FOX News Media and future Fox Corp Audio initiatives.

Prior to joining Fox, John spent time working for SiriusXM, iHeartmedia, and Long Island Multimedia.

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