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  /  Steve Passwaiter

Steve Passwaiter

Steve Passwaiter is president of Silver Oak Political, a Washington, D.C., political advisory firm that helps media groups and organizations interested in improving their results from the political ad sector or for firms looking to introduce new products and/or services into the vertical. He previously served as VP, growth and strategy and senior adviser to CMAG at Vivvix and led Kantar/CMAG, the political intelligence unit of Kantar Media, from 2016-21. Prior to those roles he enjoyed sixteen years with BIA Advisory Services ascending to VP of Business Development.

All Sessions By Steve Passwaiter

Day 1
July 28, 2017 11.30-13.30
Conference Room 1
Day 2
July 28, 2017 15.00-16.30
Conference Room 2
Day 3
July 28, 2017 18.00-19.00
Conference Room 3